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Carb-loading for 70.3!

Carb-loading..... every persons dream! Eat all the carbs guilt free because 'your body needs it'. For most people this is the night before.....or the 2 days before. For a 70.3, you need to plan a week of carb-loading to get yourself fully fuelled and ready for that Race Day PB!
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Red Curry vs Ginger and Soy Stir-fry

You know what's really common...... buying loads of food for a 'healthy week' and then getting to the end of the week and throwing half of it out! We have all done it! Getting over-excited about 'being healthy' and not having a plan for how to put that into action
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Top 3 Pancake recipes!

Who doesn't love pancakes right?? I've become a bit of a fanatic....even getting up a bit earlier on a weekday sometimes so I can have them! The great thing about pancakes is that they are so versatile. You can literally put anything into them or on them or make them
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